People are constantly seeking ways to navigate through the challenges and uncertainties that life throws at them and that’s where coaches come in. The demand for coaches has skyrocketed in recent years, reaching unprecedented levels. However, understanding a problem is a precursor to supporting a client.

At Abi Star Consult, after we work with our clients to identify their ‘issues’, we support them by getting them to identify and harness their strengths and use that power to set goals, explore solutions, then create action plans for the changes they seek.

Together, we’ll take an inventory of your current relationship(s) and dream up your ideal vision and what you really want from them.

Firstly, become aware of the habits that are creating a disconnect with your partner. This could simply be something you say or do that gets a negative reaction.
Every time you notice a disconnect with your partner, ask yourself the question: Is this habit healthy for my relationship?

“There are five key elements that all healthy relationships need –  attentionacceptanceappreciationaffection and allowing.”
David Richo

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