We all have dreams and most often, we fixate on whether we’ll achieve them rather than starting, which is where the importance of small actions comes in.

Small Actions refer to those actions that can have a big impact.  Small actions may seem insignificant at first glance, but their power to create a big impact should not be underestimated. Often, it is the accumulation of these tiny changes that lead to transformative results.  In other words, when we take small steps every day towards our ‘dream’, we move closer to it. When we look at our goals or dreams this way, we reduce the overwhelm associated with starting something new and instead create small actions that lead us closer to our destination.

Melissa Weinberg from Deakins University opines that smaller goals help us to eliminate procrastination. It also clears our road to achievement and boosts motivation and productivity. The reason for this is that it is much easier to start a journey to your goals by taking smaller steps. From personal development to global issues, understanding and harnessing the power of small actions can revolutionize our lives and the world.  The easiest journey to result is small actions. It is common knowledge that results don’t happen overnight, and there are certain sacrifices to be made along the journey. This means that behind widely celebrated results are small actions and tiny steps. The new house, the successful business, and the toned body are things everyone desires, they are the big results of small actions. Consistency is the backbone of small actions. This post will emphasize the significance of taking small steps towards a goal or making small changes in our daily lives, and how these actions can add up to create meaningful and positive outcomes.

Starting is usually the toughest task of all. Every one of us faces a block whenever we want to start something new. It could be hesitation, fear, doubt, or guilt- several emotions impede us whenever we look to start a venture. To fixate on goals and dream of success without actually committing any meaningful action towards it is a folly we all are guilty of. We know, but do not believe in the power of consistent small actions. To move slowly in the correct direction daily is to move all the same. Today, however, in the era of instantaneous home deliveries, we expect our objectives to be delivered to us in the same way – neatly packaged and done for you by somebody else.
If only we knew!

There are ways to stay focused on the small actions so that your goals become achievable. To do so, one must turn a blind eye (and ear) to society’s clamor for achievements. Here, we present to you 5 actionable items to do regularly, that will make you believe in the power of small consistent actions.

Remember the cause – You started to achieve this objective because you wanted something. For every action that you take, remember why you began doing it all in the first place. Once the ‘why’ part is clear, honor time by giving yourself enough of it to work on your goals.

Break down large tasks into smaller ones- Like the king of our story, break down something daunting into small doable tasks. Often during mountaineering, mountaineers are advised to keep climbing and not look at the summit and it is for good reason. The target will seem far and impossible to reach and it will affect your morale and dampen your spirits. So, for large goals, always create small doable targets regularly, and do not forget to reward yourself once you hit those targets! The rewards are going to ensure that you keep hitting those targets.

Prioritize- There will always be a ton of tasks to complete. We would love to work undisturbed towards our long-term goals so that ideally, we would never be stuck in a rut. But life always has other plans and we are often left scratching our heads as we contemplate the mundane tasks of life as opposed to our grander goals. The need is to reassess daily as to what is the most important task at the moment. The others can take a backseat and this process ensures that you get the most difficult tasks done first. You can then go about the rest of your day in a relatively calm manner.

Remember the 80/20 Rule- Commonly known as the Pareto principle, this is a rule that states that roughly 80% of outcomes result from 20% causes (or efforts). Thus you need to identify that 20% which is going to generate 80% of your results. We guarantee that this process will take a chunk of your time, but the results will change your outlook toward your goal.

Keep at it- All of the above pointers are of no use if you are not consistent. If you want to go far, you have to keep going. Many times you may feel as if everything is going against you, but remember, if you are going through hell, why would you stop? A few steps daily in the correct direction will go a long way in turning your dreams into reality. In short, consistency is the key.

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