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I will help you to gain clarity on, and resolve issues in, your relationship with your partner, child, parent, friend, in-law, sibling, business associate, and yourself.

Hi, My Name is Abi!

A Certified Relationship and Resilience Coach

My mission is to inspire you to overcome challenges, embrace change, and create transformative shifts in your relationship with yourself, partner, work and business.

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I have both daytime and evening office hours available.

Do You Need any Help?

I have both daytime and evening office hours available.

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Please, explore the most common questions and answers about my individual and family therapy.
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I help my clients identify areas of interpersonal awareness and growth and improve their relationship mindset and abilities

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I am a

Public Speaker, Resilience and Relationship Coach

“I will help guide you step by step to achieving
the healthiest and most stress-free relationship.”

My first goal is to alter those perspectives, whether they are food-based, rooted in self-confidence, relationship and communication issues, or financial goals. Then through the use of tools, resources, and supportive accountability, I get my clients results.

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I am a licensed

Marriage & Family Therapist

“If someone you know or care about is struggling in a relationship, please allow me to help.”

I feel it is a privilege to be a therapist. I love my work. I take a creative and collaborative approach in my practice, researching innovative techniques and information to help you make the changes you desire.

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Building Long Lasting, Healthy and Sustainable Relationships.

If you’re going through heartbreak, relationship confusion, or feeling lost, I can help guide you towards healing, growth, and clarity. My approach in coaching balances pragmatism, empathy and compassion, and is built on a strong foundation of honest communication with my clients.

Client Testimonials from my Interventions

“I highly recommend Abi Star Consult for their exceptional service. Their professionalism, expertise, attention to detail, and friendly demeanor made working with them an absolute pleasure. They have set the bar high, and I would gladly hire them again for the future. Thank you, Abi Star Consult, for a job well done!

Muyi A

Muyi A

“I recently had the pleasure of hiring Abi Star Consult for a project, and I cannot praise them enough for their outstanding service. From the initial contact to the completion, their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly impressed me.
Their pricing was fair and transparent. They provided a detailed quote upfront without any hidden charges or surprises, allowing me to budget accordingly. The value I received for the level of service provided was unparalleled.

O. Akinsoji

O. Akinsoji

“First and foremost, their communication was top-notch. They promptly answered all my queries and were incredibly responsive throughout the entire process. I felt valued as a customer, and they made sure to keep me well-informed every step of the way.
The team at Abi Star Consult demonstrated remarkable professionalism and expertise. It was evident that they had extensive knowledge in their field.

Opemuyi, A

Opemuyi, A

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